Food For Life


"The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to dress it and keep it" Genesis 2:15.



Going For Gold!

We have had an amazing time so far with our Food For Life journey at St Joseph's. This year has been an extremely exciting time- We have achieved The Food For Life Silver Award, we also gained awards at the annual Chesterfield In Bloom Award Ceremony.


We are now working towards the gold criteria for FFL. We have initiated a parent/ child cooking club which will run every half term. The aim of this is to introduce parents and children in to cooking from scratch and utilising home grown produce within healthy meals.

Salad day


In the Summer term of 2016, the whole school was involved in an amazing 'salad day.' All children gre salad in the school gardens and sat at lunchtime together to eat the salad with either sandwiches or school dinners. Not only did we grow an amazing, healthy range of salad, we incorporated an Eco schools project of recycling. Our salad seeds were planted and grown in recycled tin cans and plastic bottles!

Food For Life

The Food for Life Partnership is an action framework and award scheme to help schools and their communities transform their food culture. Food for Life Partnership schools are committed to serving freshly prepared, locally sourced food and linking pupils with the farms where it was produced, while inspiring them to cook and grow food for themselves.


You can find out more about the Food for Life programme by clicking here



As part of our Food For Life achievements we link growing, gardening, cooking and farming into our curriculum.




Our school cook- Tammy is wonderful. She cooks our lunches from scratch. We offer a family dining service, which means children serve each other and we spend time chatting while we eat. Lunchtime is not a quick sandwich but a delicious meal, served on plates, that is of a gold quality standard with locally sourced products. Our meals often contain home grown produce that have been grown by the hands of our pupils in our lovely school garden.

Our School Nutrition Action Group (S.N.A.G)

Once a term the S.N.A.G group plan and hold a community event. We frequently invite parents to lunch, to provide them with a unique experience of family dining at St Josephs School. This offers an exciting opportunity for parents to sample our delicious dinners which are made daily from fresh produce.