Gardening Club

Gardening Club is run by Mrs Wibberley on Thursdays after school. We are continuing to grow our own vegetables and a growing collection of flowers. 


Storytime and Reading Clubs

Reading clubs run for year groups 1 to 5, and aim at making reading fun, combined with lots of other activities like art and drama to bring books to life.



Awesome Authors.

Our Year 2  Awesome Authors are trying their hand at all sorts of different writing, from fiendish riddles, epic tales and fact-finding reports. 

Puzzle Club

At Puzzle Club we have been playing games and trying some challenges, to make sure that improving maths skills is fun!



Homework Club

Homework Club is run by Mrs Wibberley and Mrs Hone on Mondays On Wednesday dinnertime.  and gives pupils a peaceful atmosphere and internet access to complete their homework. If you would like your child to attend, please see their class teacher.


Mr Andrews' Club  

This club runs on a Wednesday after school and is run by an external coach.