English consists of reading lessons, writing lessons, phonics lessons and SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) lessons.


We link our English lessons to our topic work to make the work more purposeful, exciting and interesting for the children.


Early Years and Key Stage 1


In Reception the children do a reading lesson on Monday and Tuesday which links to Read, Write, Inc and the text the children are learning about that week. Then on Wednesday and Thursday they do a writing lesson which builds up to the Big Write on Friday. Writing is also in continuous provision areas. The children use techniques such as Fred fingers, writing guidelines, dough disco and teacher/partner learning to help them.

The children are taught in small groups and everyday they will either work with the teacher or teaching assistant. In year 1 and 2 they become more independent. Some of their work will be expected to be completed without being guided by an adult.

There is always a warm up, main input, a guided or independent activity and then the lesson is completed with a plenary. During the warm up and main input the children are taught in ability groups so the learning is focused.



Key Stage 2 (Year 3 and 4)

English is linked to topic. They start with a warm up of speed sounds for example showing a word on their whiteboards with the a-e split diagraph. Then they move into some sentence work and they usually work with their talking partners. This encourages all the children to have a go and test their ideas to each other. It promotes independent learning.
The  outcome and 'why are we doing this' is always introduced before moving onto the features of the text we are looking it. The steps to success are always explained and shared with the children. Whilst the teacher is modelling the steps to success and checklist are referred too. After this main input the children are always guided at some point throughout the week by the teacher. Finally there is a plenary where the learning is recapped.

Key Stage 2 (Year 5 and 6)


Spelling groups taught daily using a variety of online resources and Read Write Inc spelling scheme. Reading taught through a discrete reading lesson once per week as well as group reading. Writing culminates in a big write in which the children have led up to a specific genre by analysis text, planning and researching. English links with the overall topic and has a termly text as the stimulus. The lesson is taught in the same structure as year 3 and 4.