Whirlow Hall Farm


 What a fantastic experience for a group of our Year 3s, who spend three days at Whirlow in March. There was so much to see! We were just at the right tme to meet all the newborn lambs, some tiny pink piglets, and a very energetic calf. Everyone helped with the farm jobs, collected the eggs and made our own lamb meatballs for tea. But it wasn't all work. We all loved riding Ruby the pony, and it  was great fun building dens in the woods, even if some of us did get very muddy indeed!










About Whirlow Hall Farm

Whirlow Hall farm was founded in 1979 as an educational trust working with inner city children and young people. The farm is a full functioning farm with a variety of livestock (such as pigs and sheep). Throughout the year, children and young people visit the farm on day visits or residential stays. 

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