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St Joseph's Catholic and Church of England Primary School

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Celebrating Success


Stars of the Week



Reception :

Year 1: Bella

Year 2: Maci

Year 3:Charlie

Year 4: Mia

Year 5: Reuben

Year 6: Grace

Miss Davey: Alex

Super Success


Year 1Laila
Year 2: Tyronne
Year 3:Alfie
Year 4:Charlie
Year 5: 
Year 6: Andrew

Miss Davey: 




Year 1: Willow
Year 2:Lukah
Year 3:Charlotte
Year 4:Emelia
Year 5: 
Year 6: Jack

Miss Davey: 


Team Player

Year 1: Dylan
Year 2:Esme 
Year 3:Charlie
Year 4: Evan
Year 5: 
Year 6: Jaimey

Miss Davey: