Governor News


One of the responsibilities of school governors is working with the leadership team in finding answers to the questions ‘How well are we doing?’ and ‘How can we do better?’
A group of governors conducted a mathematics monitoring visit in school. Children from all classes shared their thoughts about their maths lessons. They spoke very enthusiastically about how they enjoyed the subject. They explained how, when solving maths problems, they are challenged when learning is easy and supported when learning is hard.  They appreciated how they are given useful strategies to help them work independently.
They all said that the teachers made maths fun and each one of them knew how well they were progressing through “Steps to Success”. They knew how important maths is and they said that targets set for them helped them understand what they needed to learn next.
This was a good opportunity for governors to get first-hand knowledge of how well children are doing in maths and suggestions were made to school leaders on how to build on current good practice.
Governors spent a morning in school observing the impact of the whole school spelling improvement strategy. Children and staff reported that the newly embedded scheme was very effective leading to higher standards of spelling. Pupils were very enthusiastic about their learning. They knew the importance of being good at spelling, enjoyed their spelling lessons and were much more confident in their spelling ablility. 

Governors went on a Learning Walk around the school observing how well the spelling strategy was being implemented. The children from Nursery to Year 6 were seen to be thoroughly enjoying and improving their spelling skills. The spelling scheme is proving popular with pupils and staff. Teachers and support staff were evidently well trained in delivering challenging but interesting fast-paced lessons that engaged the interest of all pupils. Governors look forward to seeing how the new scheme is having a measurable effect on raising spelling standards across the curriculum.